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Songwriter Carola Rost

... "Eine Frau ohne Mann" (A woman without a man) ...

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• English Songs •

A Chance To Survive

All Over This World

Honest Enemy (female)

Honest Enemy (Male lyrics)

Honest Enemy (Techno)


Dream (with vocals)

I'm Dreaming Of...

In The Pale Moonlight

It Is My Destiny

It's No More Important

You Are The Creature

Pacific Highway

Misty Sunrise

The First Moment

What Can I Do Now

Waiting For You

Spaceflight (spoken)

• Funny German Songs •

Eine Frau ohne Mann

Detlef hat Schmerzen

Bohnen (German Joke)

Drei Blondinen

Ein Mann beim Arzt

Mann, das ist gut!

Und keine Nase

• Instrumentals •

In The Pale Moonlight (instr.)

Carnival (instrumental)

Beans and War ("Bohnen")

Dream (instrumental)

I Hide My Eyes (instrumental)

It's No More Important (instr.)

Take Him Off My Mind

Women Without Man (instr.)

• Other •

Titanic (German Protest Song)

• German Songs •

Absprung (I hide my eyes)

Der andere Mann

Die andere Frau

Vφlker der Welt

Was mach' ich jetzt

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